Puppies are shown by appointment ONLY.....Please contact
Joyce Via E-mail at Germanshepherds@mistyridge.com for information on puppies and upcoming litters.
Please inquire early for information about the new litters. If you wait until they 
are eight weeks old, it may be too late to get a puppy from that particular litter.

Joyce's puppies will be classic German Shepherds with beautiful pigmentation 
and excellent temperaments. Each puppy will be excellent for show, any type 
of obedience, herding, agility or Schutzhund competition.

Born: October 26, 2014
Dam: Kuma von der Misty Ridge   
Sire: Thao Mhuramel
We currently have 1 female available from this litter. She will be a beautiful black and red German Shepherd.
Thao Mhuramel
Sire: Iliano vom Fichtenschlag IPOIII, VA1 (2013), A Normal 
Dam: Betyza Mhuramel SchHI, A Normal
Kuma von der Misty Ridge
Sire: Vercingetorix vom Kraftwerk
SchH III, ED Normal
Dam: Maxine vom Pegasus
Hip: SV: HD A-Normal (a1) 

This puppy has started her basic obedience training.  She is leash trained and ready to take home!
This puppy arrived from Germany on 2/13/15.  She was born on 9/12/14 and she's a beautiful girl with a great disposition.  She has international health records and is ready to take home!
          Born: March 17, 2015
      Dam: Gina vom Hochstadter Wappen
                Sire: Thao Mhuramel
We currently have 4 males and 2 females
from this litter.  They will be beatutiful black & red German Shepherds. They will be ready to take home May 13th.
Thao Mhuramel
Sire: Iliano vom Fichtensclag IPOIII, Va 1 (2013), A Normal
Dam: Betyza Mhuramel 
Sch H1, A Normal
Gina vom Hochstadter Wappen
Sire: Yoker vom Westervenn
Sch H3, HD Normal
Dam: Isabella vom Valtenberg
Sch H1,  HD Normal
Tim von Fidelius
Sire: Remo vom Fichtenschlag
IPO2, HD Fast Normal
Dam: Hexe vom Agilolfinger
Sch H1, HD Normal
Shakira von Alcudia
Sire: Wegas vom Fichtenschlag
Sch H3, HD Fast Normal
Dam: Nathalie von Alcudia
Sch H3, HD Normal