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Happy Holidays Joyce:
 I wanted to check in and let you know that our puppy Badger (Builder and Shannon September 2010 litter) is doing great.  His temperament allows us to take him everywhere; he is a very polite, well mannered, dog. Thank you so much for breeding such a great member of our family, we are having the time of our lives with him.    
 Andrew B.  12/5/11

Since Max is getting older, he rides next to Wil on the golf cart....butt and back legs on the seat, front legs on the floor.  Mikey rides between them....a tight fit, but they love it. 
Patty  12/5/11

Hi Joyce. Attached is a photo of our Blitzkrieg.  He was a magnificent dog with great loyalty and heart.  He was from a Sophie and Dodge litter.  I'll be coming to you for two of your best puppies to raise together.  Cordially, Cynthia Stone.  9/11

I have enclosed a picture of “Heidi” on our farm in Calvert County.  Heidi is 10 ½ years old and sadly we just lost her sister who is in the background so we are very excited to pick up our new puppy on Saturday, October 15, 2011.
Hello Joyce!
Picture of Zadok, a puppy out of Dodge/Annie . He is EXTREMELY intelligent. I could not ask for a better dog!
 “Thanks so much for a wonderful dog!”  11/2011

Hi Joyce, here is a pic of Sampson "Dodge and Gina " puppy. he's growing so fast. He is very intelligent and already very loyal.
     Mike   11/11
Hi Joyce –Jake has had his first vet visit and charmed all the staff.  He is very inquisitive and fearless.  Does well in his crate.  Thought you’d like a picture.  

Jim & Marge  2/2012
Picture of Bear.  I have been introducing as much to Bear as possible during this period.  I hope you like these pictures.
Kay Guy 
K-9 Handler

Hi Joyce, 
Pics of Sara from the Dodge/Jetta. She is beautiful and full of energy. She is already potty trained and comes to tell us when she has to go. .We love her!
Mike & Cheryl Nowack
 Here is the pic you asked for Desmond 6 yrs old.     David McGrath  2/2012
Hi Joyce,
Frida is the most unbelievable, loyal and loving member of our family.  She was engaging here n her favorite fun time, chasing butterflies. (Dodge and Jetta).Thank you for such a wonderful German Shepard. Frida has truly brought joy and solace to our lives.
Ron and Mary Ann Cansler  4/2012

Hi Joyce, 
Granite is a wonderful companion and family member.  He is very well adjusted and has 
a wonderful disposition.
Hi Joyce,
Photo of Sascha with her Rally Ribbons.
Picture of Roxie. She is adapting quite well.  The kids adore her and everyone who sees her falls in love immediately.  Maria B.       8/9/2012
  Jake was one week shy of 13 yrs old. 
What a great friend we had for so long.
We have not discussed another puppy yet.  Thanks..Phil 

Having an awesome time with Peyton!! 
We love her soooo much!!!  Thank you!!
The Gruner Family    2012
Dear Joyce, It is with great sadness that I write to you to let you know of Schatzi's passing.    I won't hesitate to make the trip back to Misty Ridge, you are the text book definition of a responsible breeder.
Sincerely, Tom & David R.      2012
Hi Joyce, Bronte is now 41/2 months old and growing like a weed!  She's such a sweetie-alway's happy!
Canaan M.
Candy and Dawn
Cathy T.     2012
Hi Joyce, I wanted to update you on my puppy Zelek. He is doing great and such a fast lerner. He is already house broken and by far the best puppy in his kindergarten class. Thanks so much for a great puppy.
Joy Mc.    2012
Hi Joyce, Cody was an old man when this was taken.
Ariel B.  2012

This is Jager
Vicki W.
Hi Joyce, wanted to let you know that Kaiser is doing well. Kaiser is not the athelete that Elsa is, but a great dog and very loving.  We love him.  Elsa is still so wonderful. She is so focused and loyal.
Annie, Paul, Elsa and Kaiser.
King and Raina, good sports they let me dress them up for Christmas. King is as tall as Jim
Sheryl S.
Hi Joyce, thought you might enjoy this picture of our wonderful Jemma.
Kathryn C.
What a beautiful boy he is!
Tom P.
Hi Joyce, Wanted to send you an update on Regan and Isaac, they are both amazing! Their personalities really complement each other and they are a beloved part of our family.  The best part is they never let my daughters out of their sight, they instinctively guard over them.
Happy Holidays
The Enders   2012
I went out and took some photos of Branson, he's a handsome boy isn't he??
Terry   2012
King (from Dodge and Fanta) Raina (from Builder and Dodge
Sheryl S.   2012
Hi Joyce, Just thought I'd send along a thank you for taking such good care of Harvey and Cali over  Bruce B.
Joyce, Here are some photos of Peyton in her first snow experience!! We love her soooo much !!! Have a wonderful New Year. 
Regards Darlene G.    2013
Dear Joyce, I have been meaning to bring Mishka to visit the boarding facilities. She's almost 2 now.  I think she's the best dog in the world, smart and loving!  Kathya R. 2013
New picture of our "Bear Man"
Kay G.
Cathy T.
Joyce, we will be coming to look at new puppies, thought I would send you few of Diesel.
Jennifer M.  2013
Regan and her new sister Mya.
Lisa V. 3/12/2013 (Mya on Right)
Hi Joyce, I wanted to tell you how wonderful the puppies are doing. Mishka on left (Soze & Linn) and Gustav (Dodge & Yvi)    We love them to pieces and so happy we chose to get two! Thank you again for our wonderful new family members.
Lisa & Bruno K.
Gail and (Sascha)
Hi Joyce, I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of my puppies Bronte (Dodge/Deebra female) Ajax (Vista/Kuma Male)  Bronte is very graceful and athletic and very fast.  Ajax is just a sweetie.  I couldn't be more delighted with either of them. 
Canaan M.

.Joyce, We are so pleased and could not ask for a better dog!   Dodge & Yvi mixed so well together!  She is so full of energy, loving and a happy dog.  Everyone loves her.  Thank you so much for what you are doing, having this "fur of energy" has made us so much more happier!!!
Jana and Stan N.
Falco at 5 month's.  (Vista & Sassy)
Tom W.
Joyce, it's Freddy from Chicago, two pictures of my Ulla girl....honestly she is an amazing dog.  She is the best dog ever!!!
Freddy I.
Joyce, We ended up naming her Sweetness.   She is so sweet and loves to be around our family and friends.  Our five boys just adore her.  Our Dachshund and her have a blast together.  All is good and she's getting big quick.  Thanks for a great dog.  Her temperament is 
incredible!!!  Thank's again.
Michael S.
My two best friends
Mary H.
Joyce, All is well.  The puppies are about 5 months old.  Mabel and Chester are very friendly and sweet.  They spend time at our farm and in NyC.
Regards, Eric G.
Hello Misty Ridge/Joyce,
I brought home my beautiful boy Drazen (Dodge/Yvi) this past February, and he has settle right in with our family.  He gets compliments everywhere we go, people stopping their cars in the middle of the street, and even had a few from the town's K9 police officers.
All the best, thanks.
Jerome R
Elke got a new Kitten!  These two are alway's together.
Vicki W.
Sully sunbathing poolside.
Marianne H.
Freyja at 1
I had to send some good pictures of her on her first
birthday-she's such a beautiful combination of her mother and father! 
Diane W.
Here is another of the two knuckleheads growing up a bit.  Both are sweet, happy dogs.  Good in the city and the country.  Very social with other dogs.
Eric G.

Hi Joyce, Just wanted to give you and update on my Bruno.  He is almost 6 months. His temperament is just awesome.  He is one gorgeous loving puppy. 
Betty A.
Hi Joyce, I hope you are doing well! The pups are 7 months now and doing great...very smart and very busy.
Thank you again!!
Lisa & Bruno K.
Hi Joyce,
A week shy of 2, she keeps getting better, both temperment, intellectual depth and physically.  She's a marvel and a joy.
Best Wishes
Curt W.
Builder is all you said he would be, he is such a social butterfly you raised him well, we are so lucky to have found your wonderful kennel, he is our second purchase from you and someday we will look to you to add to our family. over many years we have seen many kennels and German S. for sale but nothing comes close to what you offer. Joyce I hope to someday visit you with Builder after all you are his first mom. 
Bill and Debra S.
Joyce, Radar is doing fine these days.  His energy is off the charts and keeps us on our toes.  We excercise him to exhaustion daily or it seems like he's gonna bust at the seam! (smiles).  
Tom P. 8/20/2013
Hello all, This is Sascha after 4 days of Rally Advanced Excellent competitions at the "Tarheel Cluster" in North Carolina.  Not a bad weekend at all.
Gail P.
Hi Joyce, Sky is doing wonderful!!!!  She is doing great with her house training.  She's had no accidents.  She and Jake are having big fun together.  She's loving and gentle and tender and very, very smart.  I've been teaching her some things and she picks things up first time around.  She is absolutely beautiful.  She's such a great dog.
Diane S.
Hi Joyce, bought a puppy from Vista and Cody in March 2013.  He is one adorable loving puppy.  He is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all your help and advice.  I greatly appreciate you and your staff.
Blessings, Betty A.
Hi Joyce,updated pictures of Jack.  He is from Dodge and Cody, 2012 litter.  Jack is a 10 on a scale from 1-10! He's about 80lbs now.  He is a beautiful animal, and amazingly athletic and fast.  Temperament-wise, he has a perfect dual personality - if he is outside and it's time to play he has endless play/work drive.  He will run and chase balls , frisbees until he drops.  But when we are inside he turns into a docile, sweet lap dog.  He sleeps under our bed.  He loves to be petted and gives us so much affection. His play drive makes him a blast to run with and take to the park. He is also very, very smart and learns fast! Completely obedient - I take him al around the yard with me off leash while I work in the yard and he does whatever I ask of him.  He is truly a gift.  We could not possibly be more thilled with him.  Thank's again for such an amazing dog!!!!

Jay S.
Joyce, We just wanted to share a few pictures of Lucy.  She is the sweetest little puppy! She just loves her big brother Hank.  Hank's not so sure what to do with her yeat, but he's being a good sport.  Thanks again for everything!
Sincerely Chris and Denneen Z.
Hi Joyce, 
Bizz got his Narcotics Certification!..Yay!  He's quite the narcotics search dog.  Everyone who works Bizz (on the decoy side) really likes him.  They remark at how hard he bites, and how clear headed he is.  Bart Bellon was very impressed wit how he worked.  VT and I both believe you can't breed a "bad" dog..and we tell everyone just that.
Best Regards
Hi Joyce, 
I wanted to send you a picture of Sky we took yesterday (October 15th, 2013). She's really growing up quick.  She has a lovely spirit and disposition.  Seems like yesterday we just got her and now she's growing into a little dog.  We are so happy she is a part of our family.
My family actually got got a puppy from you (above) back in 1992. I was only a year old at the time.  Growing up with Kaiser I felt like one of the luckiest girls.  I always felt safe with him (the best guard dog I have ever known!) and just the biggest baby at the same time.  We had twelve long wonderful years with him until we had to say goodbye.  It hit all of my family very hard saying goodbye, but after all this time being ready to get another dog I can't imagine getting a puppy other then from you.  Anyone that I tell about Kaiser or knew him personally are amazed how long he lived and how very minor his health conditions were for a German Shepherd. I can't tell you how excited I am about having another Misty Ridge German Shepherd puppy soon.
Thank you SO much,
Vickie D.
Joyce, It is Freddy From Chicago and yes Ulla was over 89lbs last picture I sent.  Ulla Von Silvalacus, the best dog I ever had thanks to you.  Ulla is always by my side and I lover her so!!!  
Best wishes
Merry Christmas Joyce,
Here is a couple of your puppies from Soze.
Both are doing great!
Thank you!
Pat T. 
Hello Joyce, I hope you are doing well. I am not sure if you remember us, but we bought a puppy from you back in August.Maverick was imported from Germany.  He is absolutely stunning and everywhere we go people stop us.  He is 6 months old now and has a wonderful disposition.  We are preparing him for his good citizen test when he turns a year and we would also like him to become a therapy dog for wounded warriors.  
B. Kaiser & J. Milewski
Hi Joyce, here are some pictures of Titan (black) and Bailey,  The last is Ginger.  They were all amazing dogs and treasured family members.
Michele E.
Hi Joyce,
Here are some more photos of Peyton!!!  She loves the snow and playing with er sister (Maddy-other German Shepherd) and cousin (Kilo-Pit Bull).  She is an amazing dog!!!  We lover her sooooo much!!!
The Gruner Family
Hi Joyce,
I purchased a puppy from you this past summer.  He was from the Dodge/Venja litter.  He is doing well! Such a lovable puppy!  A little on the large side, like Dodge.  He thinks he is a lap dog.  Well I just wanted to send you a picture.
A. Griffin
Here is a picture of Beau.  He is a walking advertisement for you and i am always asked where I got him.  Helooks tough but he is one huge gentle Mama's boy.  Hope to see you soon and so glad to know I can drool over the puppy pictues in the spring.
H. Lott
Hi Joyce,
I purchased a puppy from you back in September from the Vista/Kuma litter.  I know from the website many people like to send pics of their puppies so I thought I would do the same.  Ajax is a terrific dog and we spend virtually every second together.  He is almost 8 months old and already weighs 70lbs!  He is the best dog I have' ever known and gets better everyday!!
Patrick A.
.Hi Joyce!
Just wanted to send a winter shot of Konrad and his half sister Sophie playing in the snow.
They are the best companions we could ever ask for. Konrad is getting on in years but his little sis is keeping him young. We have placed our names on the waiting list for another addition because Konrad is tired of keeping Sophie busy 
Thanks so much!

Hi Joyce!

I have attached some photos that I thought you may be interested in. My vet's assistant was trying to talk me into an American blood line but I am a true believer in the German dogs. You will clearly see from the photos that Max and Kayla were a match made in Heaven and we are hoping to have that again. 
Hi Joyce, Sky is growing and filling out & eating and playing and is coming into herself. She is extremely protective of me. She is SO loving and extremely loyal, extremely intelligent and fast, very fast. Jake runs like the wind and she out runs him. She is a comedian and so full of love and she is HEALTHY!!!! I'm so glad it's spring but to Sky and Jake, both are fun. Soon as the sun comes up in the morning they are ready to roll. She's so beautiful and so tender and gentle. I attached two pics. One is of Jake and Sky and the other Sky. They are very close. Where you see one, you see the other. They both were just taken within the week. Hope all is well with you and Misty Ridge. I saw the pics of pups just imported. What beautiful pups!!! You take good care.

"Ulla sleeps in my chair until I come home everyday…

Joyce, thank you for Ulla"

Good evening, Joyce. Just sending you an updated picture of Lucca.

He's 45 lbs of lean muscle. He is extremely smart. I've taught him to track and be enjoys it when I hide items and have him "seek" for them. He'll sit or lay down and stare at the location of where he thinks the item is. It's pretty cool.

The weather has been extremely nice up until today. Here is a picture from a day's worth of rest after going on a few light sprints.

I hope all has been well

Hi Joyce,
I was just inquiring, I know sometimes you have adults and that's where mine came from. I'll keep an eye on your website for any postings. I'm not in a place where I need a Shepherd right now, I'm willing to wait for the right one to come along. 

I'm not surprised you don't remember him, here are a few pictures of him with my son who is now 13. He was the best dog ever!!

Dear Joyce,

Here are a couple pics of our beautiful Kasch at one year (Vista x Sassy 2014). He’s a terrific and loving pet, extremely friendly and just loves people and other dogs. One picture is of him doing his favorite thing – chasing a ball.

Thanks so much for this wonderful companion.

Bob and Bunny 

Hi Joyce,

I wanted to send you a couple pictures of Verra (from Kuma and Soze - 12/09/13). She's almost 20 months now and she weighs 100 pounds. You were away when we got her and the young lady who showed her to us said she was the runt. She's not as tall as the two other females we got at Misty Ridge, but she may be the strongest dog we've ever had. She's as tall as her parents, all muscle, and fast. She is also very sweet. 

This Edelweiss.... She recently found a forever home with Allison who loves her to pieces!
Good Morning Ms. Burdette:

I am no longer a blockhead. I am now a gremlin. I hope I grow into these fast because they are heavy. I had mom send pictures of my brother Konrad (Apache/Genna) and sister Sophie (Dodge/Genna) too, as I intend to have my ears as beautiful as theirs.
Thanks for taking an interest in my development 


This is sweet Misty on her 13th birthday.. She has passed on over to the rainbow bridge with our fellow companions.. Her owners absolutely adored her and spoiled her during her time on earth. She will always live on in our hearts.

I have been boarding my dogs at Misty Ridge
For 20 years. this is their home away from home. the staff are highly professional and the owner has the highest standards. 
 Daisy is back from vacation at Misty Ridge, she is treated so special there by everyone!

Tom Kickler
This is Vanco he is from Gina/Thao litter this past winter. He found his forever home with Jeff and Leah! Such a handsome boy he is at 6 months old! Jeff and Leah love their little guy so much!
Hi Everyone,

I just want to give you an update on our puppy Zelda, she was from the litter Thao and Yvi on April 2nd. She is absolutely beautiful, has a great demeanor and is very smart. We have her doing off leash training now which is going great and she really enjoys socializing with other dogs at doggy daycare. She is also wonderful with our 18 month old son, their bond grows everyday! 

Thanks again for our Zelda!! 

Hi Joyce, sorry these took so long. It's not easy getting them all in a photo. Reagan or Bean as we call her now is doing well. Eric's dogs,
Chester and Mabel are getting use to her. And yes, she is still a live