About Misty Ridge

Misty Ridge’s Kennel, set on a high ridge,
provides an excellent pastoral view.

Happy Customers

We love our customers, no matter how many legs they walk on.  See some previous visitors.


We can provide them with a special diet, and can administer any medications they require.


Advanced obedience courses are offered as well as Schutzhund training and Personal protection.

Our Historic Start

Here at the Misty Ridge Animal Resort our story begins with the vision
of our founder and consummate animal lover, Joyce Burdette.


Only one word comes to mind to describe Joyce – unique! Joyce has always had an affinity for animals, and particularly dogs. A recognized leader in the world of dog training and German Shepherd breeding, she is always described as a woman of vision and high integrity, but we like to think of her in her role as daily leader of one of the best boarding facilities the country has to offer.

From lovable mutts to prized champions, we have all of the love and care they’ll ever need right here at Misty Ridge! Whether it’s a weekend stay, or an extended vacation here on the grounds, we board pets of all shapes and sizes. From dogs and cats, to bunnies, birds, and everything in between, if it’s a faithful family friend, chances are we have a place for them. How did we get our start here on such a unique piece of ground? We’re often asked that question, and it all begins with Joyce. When she originally purchased the property it was an unwanted piece of farmland that sat in disuse. After sitting vacant for years it was finally listed for sale and that’s when Joyce made her move. What others saw as useless land with dilapidated buildings, Joyce saw as the perfect property for a kennel. A place where a dog could bark and no one would complain. A place where a dog could run free, walk, swim, or merely lie in the shade without human interference. Through her sheer determination and hard work, the grounds were turned into a showplace totally devoted to animals – and thus given the name Misty Ridge Animal Resort. As Joyce says, “My dogs have given me a lot; I always want to give them something in return.” And what she gives them is a kennel built to the highest specifications to ensure the safety of every dog and cat that comes to visit, a training facility to rival any other in the world, a Schutzhund club, acres of manicured lawns, three ponds, and a world of serenity. Here at Misty Ridge Animal Resort, the health and well-being of your dog, cat, and other pets during their boarding stay is of the utmost importance. So much so that before the kennel was built Joyce consulted with veterinarians from the University of Pennsylvania just to ensure each building was designed and built to an elevated level of safety specifications. (i.e., nothing to impale themselves on, appropriate treatment of protruding screws, metal parts, and so on) as well as to ensure the most germ-free and virus-free environment possible.

It has been over thirty years now since Joyce first began in the business of boarding, breeding, grooming, and training all breeds of dogs, but one thing has never changed and that’s our mission. We understand that your pet is a beloved member of the family, and just because they can’t tag along for the next family vacation doesn’t mean they should have one of their own right here at Misty Ridge. Better yet, we even pick-up and deliver! Care to learn more about our dog, cat, and pet boarding or need to make a reservation? Feel free to give us a call.