Now the kennel has automatic generators
so your pet never has to go without heat or AC.

The outside facilities are roomy and offer a wonderful view for our pampered puppies and guests. While your pets spend time at Misty Ridge Animal Resort we strive to make them feel at home. We can provide them with a special diet, and can administer any medications they require. Your loved ones will be monitored at all times for their eating, stool, and playtime to be sure of their continual health and safety.

Every dog has its own individual run, consisting of an inside and outside portion. The inside is temperature controlled, while the outside is covered to protect your pet from the direct elements. The care each dog receives is individually tailored to your wishes and their needs. We offer all types of bedding including quilted and lamb’s wool.

At Misty Ridge, we pride ourselves on offering the best care for your pet. We want your family member to be as comfortable as possible and make every effort to ensure their stay is a fun and pleasant one!

All outside runs are covered to protect your pet from rain, snow, or sun exposure. And the entire facility is fenced to protect the occasional escape artist.

Our New Addition

Our new addition was designed with comfort in mind. Tempered glass doors and panels allow guests to view kennel activities, while the sides are solid material allowing for relaxation and privacy.


For the convenience of your pets, we now have a backup generator to run all the facilities fully to keep all of your friends safe. This way they are never without the comfort of AC or Heat.