Frequently Asked Questions

In hopes of solving any questions not already answered on our website, we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions!

  • We see multiple phone numbers, do you have multiple locations?

    • We do not have multiple locations. We offer multiple phone numbers to allow for easy low-cost calling for our longer distance boarders. All numbers lead you to our friendly receptionists in our kennel office!

  • What are your kennel accomodations like?

    • For Canines: Every indoor kennel has an outdoor run attached to it. Our outdoor runs are a spacious 11ft long. We do not allow free range between the two, as it’s almost impossible to control temperature that way! They are let out multiple times throughout the day, though. On nice days, they get to enjoy the outdoor runs for longer periods. Extremely hot/cold days, they enjoy them more often for shorter periods.
    • For Felines: They get to enjoy a separate building we affectionally call our cattery! We have multiple multi-level cat condos available placed right in front of our picture windows, allowing basking in the warm sunshine in their own individual space–complete with bird watching.

  • Do you have air conditioning/heat?

    • No need to worry, our kennel offers an air filtration system that not only helps circulate the air to help avoid illnesses, but also keeps the kennel cool during the warmer months! During the winter, our kennel filtration systems pairs with our heat to keep your pets breathing clean air while feeling comfortably warm 🙂

  • What if my dog needs more exercise than just an outdoor run?

    • You are welcome to add on playtime or exercise! Pricing can be found at We allow you to tailor make a playtime schedule to fit your dog’s exercise needs! You may choose to do it daily, every other day, every third day, or even on specific dates!

  • Will they get to play with other dogs?

    • We do not offer any kind of group playtime. All dogs have different personalities, and as humans do, may find another personality that just does not mesh well with theirs. For our boarders safety, and the safety of our staff, all playtime and exercise is done as a one-on-one with a kennel technician on a leash. We do have 30ft long leashes, so plenty of romping in fields is able to happen! They will get to see their neighbors through the fencing, though, which allows for safe interaction 🙂

  • What can I bring during my pets stay?

    • You are welcome to bring your own food, or you are also welcome to use our Kennel’s food at no additional charge! We offer a Holistic Diamond Adult Maintenance Chicken and Rice! Still on puppy food? We have a Holistic Diamond Puppy food as well! For our Feline friends, we have a Diamond Maintenance Cat food! All are dry food. You are welcome to bring any treats along, as we love to give those! No need to bring any bedding or bowls, we provide those here! If they have a favorite toy, you are welcome to bring that along! Just be mindful that we do try to limit the number. It can be hard to keep who has what toy when there’s too many!!

  • Why can’t I bring my own bedding?

    • We clean our bedding here in house, and that happens multiple times throughout a stay. It becomes a job in itself to keep straight who had what bedding, and we found it easier when it’s all ours!! Don’t worry, we offer many selections of bedding! Blankets, rugs, beds, lambs wool, platform, etc.

  • What vaccinations are required?

    • For Canines- Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper. Canine Influenza is heavily recommended!
    • For Felines- Rabies, Distemper, Feline Leukemia

  • We have an emergency situation, how much notice do you need?

    • If you’re an existing client, and your vaccinations are up-to-date, we can accomodate same day reservations!
    • For new clients, at least a full day notice is suggested. We do require getting a vaccination record on file beforehand to prevent any surprises at check-in!
    • For easier convenience, you may make a reservation online at!

  • Can we come in for a tour?

    • Absolutely! Anytime during business hours: 9am-4:30pm Monday through Saturday and 9am-2:30pm on Sunday. We are closed from 12pm-1pm daily, so if coming before we close at 12pm, please try to make it in by 11:30am for a thorough tour!

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