Our puppies are well socialized and older puppies have been leash trained. Parents have been OFA certified with good hips and cleared of DM.

Caleigh Von Der Misty Ridge
Sire: Thao Mhuramel
Dam: Linn Von Melanchthon

Gonzo Vom Murrtal
Sire: VA10 Finn von der Piste Trophe IPO3
Dam: Marsa Vom Murrtal, SchH1


Born 3-8-19

4 Males Available

Cayenne Von Der Misty Ridge
Sire: Django Von Der Misty Ridge, SchH2
Dam: Kovu Von Der Misty Ridge

Diesel Von Der Misty Ridge
Sire: Thao Mhuramel
Dam: Gina Vom Hochstadter Wappen, SchH1


Born 3-14-19

2 Males and 1 Female Available

Chloe Von Der Misty Ridge
Sire: Thao Mhuramel
Dam: Cody Von Melanchthon

Akito V. Liedehof
Sire: SG3 BSZS JHKR 2016 Bodo vom Urnersee, IPO2 
Dam: Thora Van Liedehof


Born 3-16-19

4 Males and 2 Females Available

Please inquire early for information about the new litters. If you wait until they are eight weeks old, it may be too late to get a puppy from that particular litter.


Joyce’s puppies will be classic German Shepherds with beautiful pigmentation and excellent temperaments. Each puppy will be excellent for show, any type of obedience, herding, agility or Schutzhund competition.

With each Misty Ridge puppy purchase, Joyce provides a picture of both the sire and dam, a complete pedigree for both, a health certificate for the puppy, and an American Kennel Club registration form to register the puppy in your name as a pure bred German Shepherd. Joyce also provides a written guarantee against hip dysplasia and any congenital defects or diseases.

Please call or email us for additional information.

Puppies are shown by appointment ONLY…..Please contact
Joyce Via E-mail at Germanshepherds@mistyridge.com for information on puppies and upcoming litters. We prefer email over phone call to ensure a quicker response.