Happy Customers

As our Puppies grow up and move on to their forever homes…

Ray is doing very well. He’s nearly 50 pounds now. We keep him busy with long, off leash walks, chasing after frisbees, and socializing with other dogs in a group here in Charlottesville. The video is of him last week in a baby pool. I work with him every day using clicker training and he’s coming along nicely. He’s a very attentive dog. He was housebroken within two weeks of being with us and his disposition is very calm. Everyone who sees him is blown away by how handsome he is and lots have asked us where we got him, so you may see some more folks from central Virginia inquiring about your dogs. Hope all is well.
Best regards,
Greg T.

Hi Joyce,
My name is Joy and I have a dog from Deebra/Dodge who is the most perfect dog I could’ve asked for. He is currently has his CGC, CGCA titles and he is a certified therapy dog. He is also doing tracking/trailing for our community search and rescue unit. He is everything I could ask for. However he is turning 5 years old this year and I lost my 14 year old German Shepherd in January of this year, so I am possibly looking for my next perfect dog (I always like to have 2 – an older one and a younger one) and I would love one that looks like my dog Zelek that I got from you (Black and Red).

Joy M.

Hi Joyce,

We love our puppy so much, can’t believe she’s 8 months old already!

– Jamie

Hi Joyce,

“Hello, see below for some photos of Remi she just turned 1 on July 31st. I sent some photos for different stages of her year so you can see how her colors and features changed. ”

-Katy Y.

– Jamie

“This is Riley, my parents current shepherd. When she was a puppy.

Here is how big she got. She is the sweetest dog we have ever had and loves to play ball. Never had a GSD that would fetch until Riley. ”

-Tom T.

“Good afternoon!

My name is Katie my family has received three dogs from misty ridge (Tucker, Flaco, and Jackson) they were the best dogs. “

We purchased a pup from you in June 2016, and named him Remo. He’s doing very well (110.5 lbs) and a delightful, loving and well behaved dog: everyone we meet immediately loves him. We moved to Florida from Pennsylvania last year and he adjusted to the climate very well, although he wants no part of the pool when it’s hot, he prefers the AC.
We continue to recommend Misty Ridge and love looking at new pups on your website.
Best regards,
Lenore & Robert B.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture I took this morning. Top girl is Sammy (6/28/13) and bottom girl is Molly (4/21/17)…sisters with different dads,  but they both have Venja’s beautiful face 🙂

-Robyn S.

Hi Joyce!  You have made our family full!  We named her Lexie and just adore her!  She is fitting in beautifully. She has different thoughts about her crate at night, but otherwise it’s been smooth sailing. She went to pick up the kids from school yesterday and traveled well and has done fabulously around all the kids that have bombarded her  Sadie’s enthusiasm towards has not changed at all!    Thank you SO much!!

“Here are the boys at 5 1/2 months. They are doing great and spoiled. D’Jango is the larger one and Stryker is the second one in the couch. D’Jango is the biggest love bug, I call him my old soul he is a real sweetie. Stryker is a Tasmania devil in to everything, but a love also.”

Judy H

“Hi Joyce,
I wanted to let you know that we are enjoying our puppy “Cyber” so much and she is a beautiful and intelligent dog.  She is one of Chloe’s and Akito’s puppies that were born on 03/16/19″

-Carolyn F.

“Builders daddy here, thanks for taking good care of Jimmy and his family!

I’m so glad they are getting a puppy from you! As soon as they asked me where to replace their shepherd that passed away I knew where to send them.

Builder will be 10 in March and is loving life and in excellent health!! He is a true gentleman giant, his love for people, children and especially puppies is unbelievable!!!”

The Stantons.

“I have to say that this facebook “memory” tugged at my heartstrings! Three years ago today this was taken of my beautiful Taylor Girl von Misty Ridge, on the left, and Bandit on the right!  Miss her every day! Bandit is a big boy at 90 pounds and looked small with Taylor-Girl! She was one of the best shepherds in heart and head that we have ever been blessed to own!”


“Skylar is doing very well and is so much fun! She is so attentive and intelligent! I’m enjoying training her and she is having a good time living the farm life! Here she is at a horse show, enjoying the beautiful day. Wishing you and your dogs a wonderful day!”

Janie Rentz

“Hi Joyce,
You may not remember me, but I bought one of your beautiful long haried puppies in February. I couldn’t be happier with her. Her name is Ziva and everywhere we go, people adore her. Sheh is beautiful and has the sweetest disposition. Thanks so much.”


“Little girl. Just hit 60 pounds. She is very pretty. Rotten puppy…but super smart and lots of fun. Merry Christmas and best for 2019.”

Annie and Paul

“Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Here is some pictures of my beautiful 10 month old Misty Ridge German Shepherd that I got in April! I call him Moose. He is so smart and so kind!!
Best dog ever!!! Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs!!”


Thank you for your quick response – and your kind words about McDuff. She was very smart, noble and  brave GS who represented Misty Ridge wonderfully. I have attached a picture of her when she was 11 years old.”
-Denise and Colleen

“Below is a picture of the two dogs we got from you.  The old man on the left was Hank, who we recently lost.  Lucy is on the right -she’s five.”
-Christopher Z.

“Dunkel is doing wonderfully in Austin, he is such a friendly and even tempered dog. We are so glad we got him from misty ridge, we love him dearly. Attached is a picture of him on our walk this morning. ”
Annemarie and Peter

“All is going well, Callie is doing great. She has grown twice her size since pickup. Her paws are huge, for which we get comments from everyone we meet. She plays great with other dogs. She doesn’t run , she sort of gallops , with her big feet. She is extremely playful at home. Loves any toy in the toy box. She eats three one cup meals a day. And she can tell you exactly when each meal time is due.

The first night we brought her home, she went in her bedroom kennel and whimpered for about ten minutes , then went to sleep. Now , when we tell her ” Go kennel , time for bed”, she goes in the bedroom ,right into her kennel. Then asleep in 3-4 minutes.

We both would like thank you and your staff, plus Ivy and Gonzo for such a good little girl. She took to her new home almost immediately. She accepted the numerous other dogs she has met as friends and immediately went into her play mode”
-Barbara and Kevin

“Good morning Joyce, and Misty Ridge Team Just letting you all know Mozart is doing great and has a great personality. Thank you for such a great new partner. Looking forward to coming Saturday to start his training for tracking.

Mike P.

Just giving you an update on our incredible pup. She still goes to the beach every day and swims in the ocean and continues to body surf. She is a lab in a German Shepherd body!  However she has the brain matching Einstein. We’ve worked hard on training her and when we are out of town she stays with a friend who has a lemur who has become Xena’s best friend. Merry Christmas to you and happy new year ! Thank you for being a part of our lives. This is an amazing dog.


“Hey Joyce,
I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Eva with you. I cannot believe she is turning four in May! She is doing great and everyone mentions how attached she is to me. I always say to anyone about German Shepherds that your dogs are the very best! I hope everyone is doing great 🙂
Best regards,
Vickie D.”

“I wanted to post a photo of our Cabela who is 6 months old.
This is my daughter Erica on her prom night.”

Hi  Joyce,  our girl Maxene is doing great! We thank you! She is obedient, quick learner and loves people. I will bring her by for a visit soon.

Thank you-
Joy B.

“Tilda is thriving.  She is amazing. ”

-Catie J.

“Hi Joyce:
We hope you are well, Trigger is doing fantastic. He is such a wonderful dog!”
Beth & Shaun

“Hello Joyce!
We currently have a puppy, Rommel, from a 2016 Thao and Kovu litter. He is turning 2 on a May 16. We absolutely love him and he is our 10 month old son’s best friend.”

I want you to know what a perfectly wonderful (and wonderfully perfect) dog Stella has turned out to be.  Our first German Shepherd from Misty Ridge was bought for our daughter, so we didn’t “inherit” her until she was two years old.  We didn’t experience her as a puppy.  She turned out to be a wonderful pet and companion for us until she died at 12 years old.  If you will remember, several years passed, and then I wanted a German Shepherd puppy to give to my husband for our 50th wedding anniversary.  We picked up Stella in October of 2010.  We did have the experience of a German Shepherd puppy then, and I have to confess it proved challenging.  I contacted you several times trying to solve problems.  Even though we live in Virginia, when Stella was not quite a year old we drove her out to Minneapolis, MN to a training facility we had picked out as being the best one.  They kept her for two months and then we picked her up and drove all the way back to Virginia.  Between having matured and having the received the training, the dog we got back was totally wonderful.  She is, of course, absolutely beautiful and also perfectly well behaved.  She doesn’t bark or try to approach other people or dogs without our permission.  She walks by my side without a lead.  She is so cute and loving to both of us, and her only focus is to be with us always.  I count her breeding as being the largest factor obviously in her looks but more importantly in her “character”.  You should be very proud of the work you do, and we can’t thank you enough.
Julie M.

“Thank you Joyce ! Super helpful. I appreciate being able to reach out to you.
He is an amazing dog ! I have already trained him on sit stay heel and he does it well.
He sleeps inside all nite in a kennel and I train with him 3 X / day. ”

Karen M.

We own a gorgeous long haired shepherd from you guys (born 12.8.13) named Bella! We take her everywhere and she loves being apart of everything we do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

-Steve J.

I wanted to share pictures of our Isabella von der Misty Ridge and our newest edition, Drago Chase Von der Misty Ridge.  (Drago Chase is one of Django’s pups)
We are so thrilled with how Isabella has taken to Chase as his adoptive mom and after only three weeks; are great together!  He is a very independent and mischievous pup but seems very smart and willing to learn and please.
We are looking forward to the companionship and joy he will add to our family and for Isabella too!
Thanks again,
Stephanie R.

Thank you Sassy for your awesome boy!!!! We named him Ziggy “victory protector” and he is doing AWESOME!!! He didn’t cry at all last night and he got up 2 times to go outside and pottied!! Thank you Misty Ridge for doing such an amazing job yet again!!! This is my 3rd German Shepherd from you guys and I’m so in love!!! 💞
-Samantha B.

Nikko is the sweetest boy ever
Erik M.


“Finally, Edelweiss!”

“This dog is absolutely amazing! The bond we have created grows stronger every day. He is so attentive, loving, curious, and sweet. He is extremely intuitive and smart, he is so happy and care-free on long hikes, and he absolutely adores spending quality time cuddling! He is just over 7 months now and is already 80 pounds. He is strong and bright and honestly the light of my life. I could not be happier with our decision to add him to our family and am so thankful for the pure JOY he brings every day.”

Tess turned 4 months old last Saturday and she is doing great! She is the star of our obedience class! The trainers are consistently remarking on what an “impressive puppy” she is.

My family and I adopted one of your shepherds on Halloween of this past year! He is PERFECT! He is beautiful, easy to train so far, very good with our 3 1/2 year old son, and just a great addition!

Picture of Hendrix back in 2009, as of January 30,2016 he will be 9 years old. He has been an absolute delight for all the family and is loved by all the kids in the neighborhood.

“Thought you might like to see how Rennie is looking. He has a personality all his own. He learns very fast but has an ornery streak in him. He is super alert to everything happening around him. He doesn’t miss anything.”

Hi Joyce!
Just wanted to thank you for another wonderful edition to our family! Bella
(Gina/Thao) has been such a great puppy! We have her in obedience classes and she is a star, the trainer constantly complements her on how smart and beautiful she is! Her and Daisy (Ivar/Karrie) have become the best of buddies! I can’t wait to see her fully grown, I can only imagine how beautiful she is going to be with how pretty she is now! I sent some pictures for you to see. Thank you again for breeding such great dogs and we will definitely be back to see you for another pup one day 🙂

Candace Blaha

Jake and Sky playing in the snow.


A Puppy of Linn & Thao.
Just shy of 6 months.
Thank you for a great, loving GS! There is never another breed for us!

Ben & Ashley


He’s a beauty! Thank you Joyce. My wife and I purchased an import from you 2 1/2 years ago and he is awesome!!
Ted and Joanna

Rommel and Stuka
They have become the best of friends and brothers and are absolutely the loves of our life! They are truly some of the best dogs we’ve owned and we get comments all the time about how beautiful they both are and how calm their temperment is. We were nervous taking on two puppies but couldn’t have asked for better dogs! Thanks again for our amazing family!
Gregg & Kaylan

Kane Von Der Misty Ridge
This beautiful pup is a Linn/Taho male! He is just loving life at his forever home!

Wanted to send you an update on Strider and Gimli – they are nearly five months old now.  They are still so sweet in temperament and very fast learners.  Their training is going well.  We call these “branch manager and assistant branch manager.”  They are handsome boys.
Lorentz Family

This is Cindy with a quick Sugar update. Things are going well. She is such a sweetheart….but puppy too.  Shelby continues to put her in place from time to time.  Shelby, though, is way too passive.  Let’s her get away with a lot. Shelby has a chair of her own and Sugar has taken over. Of course, we will find a second chair for Shelby. Hahaha. She crates really well at night and when we leave house for a few hours. By the way, after the initial ride home, she loves to ride in car with me.

So glad she is with us.


Wanted to send you an update on Strider and Gimli – they are nearly five months old now.  They are still so sweet in temperament and very fast learners.  Their training is going well.  We call these “branch manager and assistant branch manager.”  They are handsome boys.
Lorentz Family

This is Cindy with a quick Sugar update. Things are going well. She is such a sweetheart….but puppy too.  Shelby continues to put her in place from time to time.  Shelby, though, is way too passive.  Let’s her get away with a lot. Shelby has a chair of her own and Sugar has taken over. Of course, we will find a second chair for Shelby. Hahaha. She crates really well at night and when we leave house for a few hours. By the way, after the initial ride home, she loves to ride in car with me.

So glad she is with us.


Greetings – we just wanted to let you know that our fantastic GSD that we got from you in 2005 – is doing wonderfully. Her parents were Falco and Mandy.  MacDuff continues to be strong, smart, loyal and full of life.  Her temperament is such that she is a great playmate with our cats – including a small kitten. And – here is a picture of her easily jumping up on a counter to get a treat. At nearly 12 years old – look at how great her hips still are! thank you for breeding such a great Shep.

Denise and Colleen

“Just wanted to let you know Henri (formerly Onyx) is doing great! He is growing right before our eyes, very playful, and assimilating well with our Gustav and Elsa. Henri already wants to run with the big dogs. I’ve included some pictures of Henri and the rest of our Misty Ridge Reilly pack :)”

Dear Joyce,
It is Eva’s 14th birthday today.
She was Falco and Connie’s last pup to be adopted…4 months and a real “wild woman”.
She became the most gentle dog I have ever had!
I thought you might enjoy seeing what wonderful dogs you have bred.


Hi Joyce,
Fritz is fully housebroken. He is very smart and sweeter than sugar.

Thanks for a great pup.



Here is a recent picture of Xena with the Easter Bunny!  She gave everyone a chuckle, she looks as if she is guarding the Easter Bunny!
She is doing very well, learning quickly.  Still likes to drive her older brother nuts at times.  He is very patient with her, alittle too patient I think.  LOL She is weighing in at 34lb.
Thank you soo much for what you do!!!  We love our baby so much!

Happy Easter!

Thanks for picking the male for my husband Michael. Gus is his name lives with Gunther (9yrs)1st photo. He is a love bug!

Helga and I have been lucky enough to share our lives with two of your wonderful dogs for more than two decades.
We lost our second over a year ago and still mourn her.
-David C.
Carlsbad, CA

“Our boy beside the fire.”

  • “We purchased our GSD puppy, Luke, from Joyce here in August 2016. We are very happy with the experience and our amazing pup.
    First, the dogs clearly were being well taken care of. The kennels were clean, well ventilated, fresh water, etc. The nails were all obviously trimmed regularly, and the food they eat is high quality (I order it online because Petco and PetSmart don’t carry it, but smaller shops Andrew PetValu carry it).  Second, we were able to meet mom and dad, see their size, how great their personalities are (exptremely important with GSDs), and interact with them as well. Both parents were good with our small children, and so is our pup.
    We walked past the kennel area for visiting dogs, and they were clean and the dogs looked healthy. We did not interact with those dogs though, out of respect for the owners, plus our kids being with us. We did not want to possibly spread any illness around between pets either.
    We saw the bathing / grooming area, and it was what anyone would expect of a facility like this. They took precautions and cared for our pup as they took him back to be cleaned before we left.
    They sent us home with some pills to make sure Luke was taken care of in case he developed any loose stool.
    Joyce responded quickly to several emails about any concerns we had, as we over reacted to every little thing about our pup, but obviously he’s great.
    We did not use their Training program, because we have a long standing relationship with another trainer who also used to breed GSDs. That’s trainer was very happy with everything she saw from Luke, and agreed we found a good Breeder. We definitely recommend Misty Ridge.”
    -Robert G.
  • “We’ve gotten 2 of our dogs from Joyce and the team at Misty Ridge. One, we wanted a very high energy dog as we were training for search and rescue work and needed a high drive dog.  Not only did Joyce provide the perfect puppy for us, bit she turned out to be the best dog we’ve ever had.  The next dog was going to be a family dog and we didn’t want or need as much drive, and again, Joyce gave us her recommendation based on the dogs bloodline and temperament as a puppy and provided the perfect girl for us.  In both cases, the dogs have pretty much come potty trained thanks to the way they are kept on the property as puppies.  2 dogs from her, and they had a total of 2 accidents in the house…. Ever.  Once you own a German Shepherd, you won’t go to any other breed, and the confidence in knowing Joyce’s dogs have a strong, and healthy bloodline with a guarantee on hips is invaluable.  I’ll continue to recommend friends to Misty Ridge and will continue to get my dogs from her in the future.
    I can’t recommend this place enough for Responsible German Shepherd owners. Please make sure you have both the time and space to take care of one of these dogs.  Behavioral issues are always due to the owner, not the dog.”
    -James B.
  • “Joyce is the most amazing breeder, trainer, and person you’re going to find in your search for a beautiful German Shepherd puppy or dog. I purchased my first German Shepherd from her years ago, and I wouldn’t consider purchasing one from anyone else. When you first speak to her you’ll immediately recognize her love for & her commitment to, her breeding dogs and puppies. She speaks with a confidence that reflects over 30 years of experience with German Shepherds and overseeing and administrating a comprehensive kennel, Misty Ridge. She IS the boss and I am so glad of it. Even after all these years, you will be greeted by Joyce, and the entire process will be under her keen eye for detail. Simply stsated, Joyce is a quality person, personally and professionally. It won’t be long before your and your dog’s picture will be on this great site under “Happy Customers.” Stay safe.”
    -Jim C.
  • “Joyce is the BEST! My wife and I have two shepherds from her and couldn’t be happier. They are the smartest, healthiest, best tempered dogs. Joyce is a wealth of knowledge and answered all our questions and helped us all the way. We are currently training our youngest pup in her Shutzhund training class and have learned a tremendous amount from her! We highly recommend her and her puppies any day! I would give 6 stars if allowed.”
    -Jacob Z.
  • “This is a large clean and bright kennel. My husband and I came to visit on the spur of the moment and everything looked just as we would expect a well run kennel to be. It was a nice day and we had the pleasure of lingering to chat with Joyce, the owner. We also watched some schutzhund training. The dogs were happy and excited to be out and working.

    There was a litter of GSD puppies available and we ended up bringing one of the boys home once the pups were 8 weeks old. He is an energetic, inquisitive and brave little fellow…well, he won’t be little long. He is growing into a very handsome dog.”
    -Dawn M.

  • “I have 2 shepherds from Joyce. Her puppies are wonderful. Every shepherd I met on the property was friendly. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for a good looking, well mannered German Shepherd Dog.”
    -Jen Z.
  • “I showed up announced looking for a GSD pup to potentially purchase. The reception was very clean and welcoming. Joyce, the owner, spent roughly an hour with me SHOWING me the differences between the different types of GSDs. Not once did she try to sell me on anything or push a puppy on me. I visited Diamond Shepherds a week prior and felt like it was just a transaction, and they were trying to make a quick buck.
    I ended up spending the entire day on Joyce’s property watching and participating in the Schutzhund training; they made me feel like family and didn’t ask for anything in return.
    Joyce is very stern, and for a very good reason! As intelligent and strong as some of these breeds are, you have to be. Even though she is tough, she is very caring and an extremely compassionate person! I was simply amazed at every facet of her business, training, ethics, and dedication.
    Based off what I experienced yesterday, I would rather pay any price Joyce set for one of her pups than go anywhere else. She is only concerned about temperament and health. The way I see it is if you pay $500 for a GSD, you’ll not only get a $500 GSD but you’ll get a mediocre breeder as well.
    The customer service I received yesterday was unparelled to anything I’ve ever witnessed before! I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a GSD, whether novice or advanced, visit Misty Ridge!
    Also, this will speak for itself: I do NOT leave reviews, ever!
    -Kyle P.
  • “We have purchased two dogs through Joyce and could not be happier. Our two year old German Shepherd, Apollo, has the most amazing temperament and could not be sweeter. He was from a litter with Thao and Kovu. Everywhere we go people tell us how gorgeous he is and ask us where we got him. We just recently got our 6 month old Shepherd, Maverick, who is a beautiful solid black from a littler with Django and Kuma. He is the most intelligent dog we have ever had, and we are currently training him for Schutzhund with Joyce. We look forward to every training session we have on Saturdays with Joyce and the club. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful, and we truly have found a new passion with our dogs. We even brought Apollo to our last training session, and Joyce was able to begin training him right away, and he did great! The BEST German Shepherds come from Joyce at Misty Ridge.”
    -Laura H.
  • “Wonderful place to board your dogs and Joyce is a wonderful breeder of German shepherds , I have bought 3 from her 2 males and 1 female and they have all been very sweet with a great temperament and wonderful with children, beautiful German Shepherds!”
    -Gwen G.
  • “We got all three of our babies from Joyce and could not be more in love!! They are the most amazing dogs that we’ve ever owned. Their demeanors are calm and loving and we bring them back to visit Joyce whenever we can!!”
    -Kaylan H.
  • “Joyce does a great job, our dog is so smart and healthy!”
    -Judy H.