Limo Service

Pick-up and Delivery Service

limoMisty Ridge offers local, national and international travel for pets and other animals. We also offer a limousine service for pickup and delivery of our guests, if requested. Our limousine is air conditioned and customized to insure your pet’s safety and comfort. The rate for this service depends on your location. Please call us to determine exact fee and to arrange times convenient to you.

Please give Misty Ridge at least a 24-hour notice of your needs at pick-up to ensure that we can accommodate your travel. Our chauffeur can be at your residence either for pick-up or delivery Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Joyce understands emergencies occur and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. Please call our office to make arrangements for unforeseen circumstances.

Limo--element41Our chauffeur cannot pick up or deliver an unattended pet. Someone must be at the location to give your pet to the chauffeur for pick-up, or to accept your pet from the chauffeur upon delivery. Unattended pets will be returned to the kennel upon delivery, and conversely left at your residence upon pick-up. If no one is there, your pet will be returned to the kennel. Please call our office to rearrange pick-up or delivery. Should this happen Misty Ridge reserves the right to impose an additional charge.

Please make all arrangements for pick-up or delivery with our office personnel. Our chauffeur cannot make pick-up or delivery arrangements. Please contact the office or email for our pick-up.

Resort Limousine Service

For pick-up or delivery in Maryland (Under 50 Miles)


Round trip in Maryland (Under 50 Miles)


For Pick-up or delivery in Maryland (Over 50 Miles)


Round trip in Maryland (Over 50 Miles)


For pick-up or delivery in Washington, DC


Round trip in DC


For pick-up or delivery in Virginia


Round trip in Virginia


BWI Airport Pick-up or delivery


Dulles International Pick-up or delivery


For pickup of multiple animals

$20.00 per extra animal
All Pick-up and Delivery Schedules¬†are subject to change due to weather conditions…..